Tome of the Wandering Priestess

Failte, Aisling.

      My searches through many tomes in Loures has left me feeling that of all, the Octagram has no clear and well organized base for which any might gain knowledge or faith to a fellowship. I present to you my collections of notes and memories that tell the tale of worship, of the Octagram and more. Everything that has some significance and was in existence at the time has a memory to aid those seeking such. Now I please bid you, look upon the delicate dance of the gods in the Octagram. The basics are a listing of secrets, miracles, positions, and other helpful guides. From then I will write of each fellowship. Please, I ask you to continue on, learn what drives Mundane and Aisling alike, from the Peasant to the Noble.

~Zyleci Mimori
  -Priestess of Temuair

((All screenshots, drawings, and other information was gathered first hand all by myself around Temuair, from temple attendants, worshippers, High Clergy, knowledgeable Aisling, field tests of supplications and entreatment, and friends who braved dangerous places so I could get another screenshot. ^-^))